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5 Things That Can Cause The Lights To Flicker In Your House

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If the lights in your home are flickering, this means you have some type of electrical problem. Below are some common reasons that can cause this to happen, such as a bad circuit, a circuit that is overloaded, improper wiring, loose service conductors, and an undersized service.

Service Conductors

The service conductors could be loose in the main electrical panel in your home, or at the meter base outside. These conductors heat up and cool down throughout the day and night,  and over time they can become loose. This can be a safety hazard, because when they loosen up, they create more heat.

Overloaded Circuit

If you notice your lights start to flicker when you are running an appliance, such as your microwave, air conditioner, clothes dryer, washer, etc., the lights may be on the same circuit as the appliance. If so, you are dealing with a circuit that is overloaded.

Corroded or Loose Neutral Wire

If you notice your lights going from bright to dim when they flicker, you may be having a more serious electrical problem. The wire in your circuit breaker may be corroded or loose. You will find three wires in the circuit breaker, a black or red wire, which is the hot wire, a white wire, which is the neutral wire, and a green wire, which is the ground wire. The first two wires provide the circuit with power. The neutral wire carries power back to the circuit from the power line outside of your home.

Undersized Service

Flickering lights can be due to having an undersized service. In most cases, this is a problem with older homes. Some older homes have fuse boxes instead of circuit breakers, and they may not supply your home with enough electricity to power all of your appliances, as well as other technology that many people have in their homes.  The wiring could also be outdated or old, and when there is too much current, the voltage drops, and causes the lights to flicker on and off. To fix this, an electrician can upgrade your system, as well as replace all the wiring in your home.

These are just some of the problems that can cause your lights to flicker. Contact an electrician to come to your home and investigate the problem. You should do this as soon as you notice the problem, as some problems are a safety hazard.