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How To Prepare A Defense System Using Scrap Iron During A Zombie Apocalypse

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When every functional aspect of daily life deteriorates over night and follows suit with the hundreds of thousands of rotting corpses looking for fresh brains, you will survive because you know how to reuse materials. Of these materials, most of them become part of your personal arsenal, slaying the already dead and living to see another day. Here is what you can do with scrap iron when you are stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Raid Scrap Iron Yards

Except for a few wandering dead, a scrap iron yard is probably one of the last places in which anyone would choose to stay. Yet, it would be a very functional place. That much sharp scrap metal would end a horde of walkers in seconds, if you knew how to use it. You can either build a defense wall up around you and stay in the scrap yard's main building, or collect lots of metal scrap for a proper defense elsewhere.

Constructing Your Lines of Defense and Weapons Armory

Find several long metal poles with jagged ends that are light enough for you to wield as weapons but heavy enough to do damage to a zombie's skull. Heavier metal tubes you can set up as impaling walls, since the dead will walk right into them trying to get to you. If you sharpen any of these to a point, they are even more effective. With any luck, you may find several wrought iron fence pieces with very sharp, pointed finials along the top. You could separate the sections of wrought iron fencing to create several heavy duty metal arrows or you could just use the fencing for the wall if you make it strong enough.

Adding Metal Spikes to Your Home Base

Defending your home against walker attacks is not easy. Not much stops their clawing, scratching, pushing and shoving when you are hiding inside a house. If you collect as much scrap iron as you can, you can create spikes, which you then attach to the entire exterior of your home or fortress of choice. You may have to periodically pull the dead off the exterior of your home and put them down for good, but it beats trying to defend yourself and your house once zombies break through your windows and wood walls. If you have a brick home, that is better, but the spikes still come in quite handy.

Other Scrap Iron Ideas

If you come up with any other ideas for scrap iron, from places like Bloch Steel Industries, to use during a zombie apocalypse, you can share them with fellow believers in the online blogs and forums. Until that moment arrives, you can trade survival ideas and come up with a strategy to meet with others who would be willing to have you as part of their team. Some recycling websites may also inspire you to new heights in reinforcing and defending what is yours against the zombies.