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How To Turn A Room Into A Motorcycle Man-Cave

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Are you looking to make a man-cave in a room of your house? Are you a motorcycle lover and want to make your room look like it? It's time to go all-out and use these ideas to turn your boring room into a manly motorcycle room that will make everyone jealous.

Paint the Walls

The obvious choice to paint the walls of your motorcycle man-cave is black. This will make your room really dark, but you might think that's cool. You don't have to choose black. Instead, choose your favorite motorcycle color. If you love Harley Davidson, maybe you'll want to add a bit of orange to that black. Make sure to use satin paint. It creates a glossy finish that will mimic the glossiness of metal on your bike. Paint the walls and the molding. If you wish, you can even paint the ceiling.

Spray Paint the Furniture Chrome

Oh yeah, you read that right. Chrome furniture. Use the furniture you already have in your room and paint it with chrome spray paint. Don't use chrome paint designed for vehicles and metal—you can find chrome spray paint in the regular paint section of your local home goods store. Spray painting furniture is different from using regular paint. Here are a few tips to follow to help make the process easier:

  • Remove all hardware first.
  • Follow the directions on the can that states how far back to hold it. That rule is there for a reason. It creates an even coat.
  • Spray onto the ground first. That first spray always shoots out a glob of paint. You don't want that near the furniture.
  • Feather the paint. This is when you start spraying beyond the furniture and then continuing spraying over the furniture in a straight line. When you go to stop spraying, slowly lift the can forward and up. This prevents you from leaving a huge dark line of paint at the ends.
  • Let the first coat completely dry before doing a second.

Interlocking Garage Flooring

For the floor of your motorcycle man-cave, go with traditional interlocking rubber garage flooring. You can use one color or have fun with a few colors and make a checkerboard pattern. Just make sure the colors match your wall color scheme.

Decorate with Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle parts make great accessories for your man-cave. Here are some awesome ideas:

  • Non-LED speedometers as door handles
  • Handlebars as a hanging rack
  • Exhaust parts as molding
  • Fender ornaments as dresser handles
  • Turn spotlights and taillights into lamps
  • Hang saddlebags for storage
  • Use motorcycle tires to lift the bed off the floor
  • Hang your favorite brand memorabilia on the walls

You'll never want to leave this room once you've finished. Get ahold of a contractor, such as at http://cristandsonscontractors.com, for help.