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Learn How To Make Your Concrete Stairs More Noticeable

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When you have concrete steps leading into your business, you need to make sure that they are properly marked so that someone sees them easily. If someone falls and hurts himself or herself because they did not see the steps, your insurance company could be paying for their injuries, which could lead to your insurance premiums increasing. Below is a guide for making your concrete steps very noticeable and decorative at the same time.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Bright Fluorescent Paint
  • A 1" Paintbrush
  • A Very Thin Paintbrush
  • A Stencil
  • Numerous Colors of Outdoor Paint
  • Painter's Tape

Stencil the Tops of the Stairs

Lay the stencil on the bottom step of the staircase. Push the stencil as far back as you can so that its edge is flush against the front of the second step. Use the painter's tape to tape the stencil down so that it stays in place. Use the 1" paintbrush to paint the stencil with the fluorescent paint. Allow the paint to dry for five to ten minutes and then pull the stencil from the stair. Reposition the stencil to the right of the area that you just stenciled to stencil the rest of the stair. Repeat the process on the rest of the tops of the stairs in the entire staircase.

Stencil the Fronts of the Stairs

Hold the stencil against the front of the bottom step. Tape it into place on all four sides so that it is flush against the stair. Since the stencil is in a vertical position, taping it full is important to ensure that the paint goes onto the stair and does not drip down between the stencil and the concrete stair. Allow the paint to dry for five minutes, pull the stencil away from the stair, and reposition it to finish the front of the stair. Repeat this process on all of the fronts of the stairs.  

Add Detail to the Stairs

Use the small paintbrush and the numerous colors of outdoor paint to paint the open portions of the stencil any color you choose. This will add a detailed and decorative look to the stairs that will make them even more noticeable.

Since you used outdoor paint on the stairs, the paint will be able to stand up to the elements and regular wear and tear. It is best to keep a list of the colors that you chose to use to paint the stairs so that you can touch them up as needed over time. Talk to your local concrete experts, such as http://www.unitstepjoliet.com, for more information.