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Making An Impact With Your Front Door

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Your front door is not only the first greeting to visitors, it's one of the most visible aspects of your home's façade. An attractive front door adds curb appeal to your home. It also has the potential to make an impact from the street. Look for color and design as you select your new front door.

Color is Key

The color of your door is obvious even from the street, so it has the most potential for making an impact. The color you choose depends on the hue of your exterior and the statement you want to make.

White houses have the most color design options. A red or black door creates a bold contrast. Red doors are very inviting. Black speaks to chic elegance. A navy-colored door is a classic option, not as stark as black, but just as elegant. If you want your front door to really stand out, consider a jewel tone such as teal or violet.

Burgundy red is a beautiful complement to beige homes. The depth of the red echoes the added depth of the house color. For more whimsy, consider deep fuchsia or ocean green, both of which will pop. Royal blue gives your façade a traditional air with a nod to the modern.

For brick homes, black is a classic choice because it complements the deep color of the brick. To that end, forest green is an engaging choice. It looks black until the sunlight hits, when the door reveals its true colors. For an unusual appeal, try warm gray.

Painted homes require consulting a color wheel. For the most impact, choose a door that complements your paint job. For instance, if your home is any shade of blue, look for a door with an orange undertone, such as coral or goldenrod.

Design Plays a Role

Doors do not speak by color alone. The actual design also makes an impact.

Craft doors are constructed of panels of wood topped with panes of glass. While they are often left natural-colored, they can be customized to any shade. Because there is so much going on – wood design, glass and color – these doors often add maximum impact.

Panel doors have a little less going on, but they still add exterior interest. More wood also means more surface for color. Likewise, the textured look of panel doors work well with any style of home, according to DIY Advice.

French doors are a classic. Since they consist of two doors hanging side by side, they are good for extra-wide entryways. French doors are generally constructed of multiple panes of glass, which allows the sun to shine in. For a little whimsy in your front door design, consider selecting a French door custom painted a color that complements your house.

Keep in mind your home's exterior design as you select your front door. Choose a door that makes a statement while still blending in with its surroundings.