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4 Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioners

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If it's time for you to have your air conditioning unit replaced, you should give some consideration to having a ductless system installed. Although this option is not for everyone, it does have certain benefits over traditional systems that depend on ductwork to deliver the cool air. Following are four benefits of choosing a ductless air conditioning unit.

They're Great For Small Homes

Traditional air ducts consist of sheet metal that run from the main unit to each room of the home, making them ideal for houses that contain several occupants. However, one of the main benefits of a ductless system is that rather than using standard air ducts, the refrigerant is directly sent to air handlers located in each particular room. This will allow those who live alone or with a partner to only cool the rooms of their choosing instead of the entire home.

They Are Easy to Install

Installing ductwork means that the wall has got to be opened up so that the sheet metal can be put into place. The walls are then closed, hiding the ducts from view. However, ductless systems only require that three-inch holes are drilled in one wall in order to allow for the conduit to pass through. Conducting conduits also come in a variety of lengths, providing more flexibility concerning the placement of the unit's outdoor compressor.

They Provide Interior Design Flexibility

Homeowners have several options concerning placement of interior air handlers. They can be suspended from the ceiling, placed on a wall, or mounted on a drop ceiling. You can also opt for a floor-standing model in a state-of-the-art design. These units also come equipped with remote controls to make turning them off and on easy if they are located on ceilings, high walls, or if you simply don't feel like getting up from your comfortable chair to turn the system off.

They Save Energy

Traditional ductwork is responsible for significant energy loss in homes that have standard central air conditioning systems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, duct losses, particularly those that are located in space such as attics that are not air conditioned, can be responsible for over 30 percent of the energy consumption when the unit is in operation. Ductless systems do not have this issue.

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