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Fix Your Garage Floor This Spring!

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Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to get started on routine home maintenance. One of the small chores many homeowners neglect over time is the routine repair of the concrete garage floor.

Concrete may seem durable and indestructible, but over time, it can become cracked and pitted -- a condition known as spalling. Left untreated, spalled concrete can develop deep cracks that go all the way through the slab. As long as the cracks do not penetrate to the bottom of the concrete slab, concrete resurfacing is sufficient to repair the problem. If you're a confident DIYer, you can repair the concrete in your garage. To resurface the concrete, follow the steps below.

Clean the Concrete

Use a power washer to spray down the concrete, removing grit and dirt. For areas of the concrete with caked-on grime, use a steel brush to wipe down the concrete first, then use the power washer to rinse the dirt away.

Apply a Concrete Patch

In a large bucket, mix the concrete patching material with water until the patch has a slightly stiff, peanut-buttery texture. Use a paint mixer stick to thoroughly mix the patching material. Next, use a trowel to spread the concrete over the garage floor.

Fill in any visible pits and cracks, then use the straight edge of the trowel to make the patch level and even with the rest of the garage floor. Leave the patch to dry on the floor. Move on to the next step when the patch is sturdy and relatively hard.

Apply the Resurfacer

Pour the resurfacing material onto the newly patched concrete, then use a long-handled industrial squeegee to spread the material evenly over the entire concrete floor. Wait half a day or the amount of time specified by the resurfacing material manufacturer before walking on your garage floor again.

This DIY project can be completed in one day, but some DIYers will have more trouble than others. For a more professional and longer-lasting resurfacing job, contact a professional like Mara Restoration, Inc.

If your garage floor is severely damaged with deep cracks that go all the way through the slab, more extensive repairs will be necessary. Contact a contractor to find out more. Likewise, if you're not sure how deep the cracks in your garage floor go, have a repair person come to your home to tell you if your garage floor is a candidate for resurfacing.