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How To Decorate Your Children's Bathroom

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Are you moving into a brand new house, or are you redecorating the kid's bathroom in your present home? Either way, here are some ideas that will help you make the room unique and attractive:

Are You Decorating For Boys? - Think of decor that will last from childhood through young adulthood.

  • One idea is to select a sport's theme. Wallpaper with a baseball motif would be really cute. When the boys are little, you can frame pictures of cartoon baseball players. As the boys get older, those pictures can be replaced with framed posters of famous baseball stars like Babe Ruth, Stan Musial and Joe DiMaggio.
  • Another idea is to select a patriotic theme that will never grow old.
  • Decor that features vehicles like trains, boats, planes and cars is also timeless. And, for a charming touch, consider selecting antique vehicles for the theme. 

Are You Decorating For Girls? - Asking your girls to help you decorate their bathroom will add to the fun.

  • Consider going with pink and gray or pink and black for your colors. Wallpaper with pink poodles on it would be adorable. Choose pink towels and have them monogrammed in gray or black.  
  • Another pretty idea is to use all of the colors in the rainbow and display towels of varied colors.
  • No matter which colors you select, consider framing darling note cards in complementary colors and placing them in groupings on the bathroom walls.

Will The Bathroom Be Used By Boys and Girls? - Besides selecting the decor, remember to provide attractive storage containers for hair dryers, electric razors, and personal toiletries. 

  • A great choice for wall paint would be light green, eggshell blue, or very pale yellow. These colors will be with anything else you select for your decor. 
  • Consider a movie theme, or one that depicts kid's TV shows. Frame posters of the children's favorite stars. Even as they get older, the pictures will bring back memories.
  • Another decorating idea that would be appropriate for both boys and girls would be a beach theme. Framed posters of surfers, sail boats and other nautical things would be really charming. 

​Select A Shower Enclosure - A glass shower enclosure will be perfect for the children's bathroom. Shower enclosures are not only safe, but they are affordable and they will last for a very long time. They are easily installed and easy to maintain.

In fact, if you provide a squeegee for your kids, they'll be able to wipe the shower enclosure down each time they bathe. For additional cleaning, simply use a product that is made especially for glass. Consider a design that includes towel bars for added convenience. 

Have fun decorating your children's bathroom.