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Glass-Top Table Shattered? Don't Head To The Furniture Store Just Yet!

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You may not realize just how easy it is to repair a glass table on your own after the glass breaks. Usually, these tables are topped with single rectangular or circular piece of glass, which is affixed with silicone to the table body.  Getting your table looking as good as new or even better than before could take you less than a day.

Cleaning Up The Mess

First, you'll need to remove the glass pieces from the table, including any shards still stuck in the caulk. Once the glass is all cleaned up, the caulk itself will have to come off so you can put the new pane on. Dab the silicone with a little water and slowly cut it away using a utility knife. If small patches of caulk remain, you can use a simple water and flour paste to wash the remaining silicone away.

Getting Your New Glass

The next step is to head to your local glass shop for a replacement pane. If you want a piece exactly identical to the one that broke, bring a shard of the old glass with you to show the glassworker. Otherwise, you might consider upgrading your table glass to be thicker, frosted, or have an etched design. If your old table was used during meals, consider asking about glass with improved heat- and impact-resistance. 

Once you've decided what style suits your home, just give the glass shop your table's measurements and they'll cut you an appropriate pane. Make sure to have the edges sanded down to prevent injury when you handle the glass later. 

Completing The Repair

When you get the glass home, all you have to do is carefully apply new silicone to the table and slowly lower the new pane in place. Use a butter knife to remove any silicone that comes out of the cracks as the glass is placed. When the placement is done, refrain from using the table for a couple of days, which will give the caulk time to cure. Voila, in just a day of labor and errands, your glass-top table is as good as new.

Breaking a glass-top table doesn't mean you have to make a trip to the furniture store or go without. With a little elbow grease and help from professional glass cutters, you might be able to get your table back in shape in just a day. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact South Jersey Glass & Door or a similar company.