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3 Features To Add Sustainable Living To Your Custom Home

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Building a new custom home can be a big challenge, and there are many features you may want to add. There are many things that you will want to consider, such as the plans, the type of wood to use siding, and the features to help you reduce energy costs. While you are building your home, it is the perfect time to add sustainable features and renewable energy. If you want a home that makes your life easy and has lower energy bills, here are some features you may want to add to your custom home:

1. Adding Renewable Energy To Your Home Design

With technology available today, you can add many renewable energy resources. If you want these features to be incorporated in the design of your home, you may want to consider things like solar roofing shingles that do not affect the aesthetic appearance of your home. Wind can also be used to supplement solar energy. Vertical wind turbines can be hidden in structural features like cupolas, which can give your home a classic look with renewable energy.

2. Using Sustainable Features That Help Conserve Water

There are also features that you can add to your home to help conserve water, and reduce water and sewer costs. You can add a rain collection system to your home that can provide you with water for many different needs. The tanks of the system can be buried when your home is built to keep the systems out of sight. If you have a septic system, you can also have a separate greywater tank for irrigation and other uses. You can also use greywater if you live in a drought area with water restrictions.

3. Using Designs That Reduce Energy Loss And Heating And Cooling Needs

In addition to renewable energy and water conservation, you can also have features to help you save energy. When your home is built, you can have a design with wider framing that allows for more insulation. Other features like light colored roofing that reflects heat can also help to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You can also have continuous insulation systems installed to provide insulation all the way through your wall to reduce energy loss.

If you are building a new custom home, these are some features that will make your home greener and help you save. You can get started with your new home by contacting a custom homebuilder like Old School Carpentry and talking with them about adding some of these sustainable features to your home.