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3 Tips To Make Your French Doors More Private

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If you are trying to achieve an elegant feel in your home, then having sliding glass doors leading into your yard can be a bit boring. Replacing these doors with french doors, installed by a company like Port Orchard Glass, will help you improve your home's aesthetic value, but you could feel a little exposed.

Here are three tips you can use to help make your french doors more private in the future.

1. Install iron scroll work over the window panels on your doors.

If you want to add an additional design element to the exterior of your home[,] while making your french doors more private, then installing iron scroll work over the window panels on your doors could be a viable solution. The ornate patterns developed by iron workers can easily be ordered to fit the dimensions of your french doors.

These decorative iron elements will allow natural light to enter your home, while obscuring the view for anyone looking through the windows from outside. Opting to invest in custom iron scroll work to make your french doors more private provides an elegant and stylish solution.

2. Transform your door's window panels into faux stained glass window panes.

Stained glass not only obscures the view from outside your home, it also acts as a piece of art that you can be proud to showcase in your home. If you want to turn your french door's window panels into faux stained glass window panes, the process is simple.

You will need glass paint, a decorative design, and some instant lead from your local craft store. Trace your decorative design onto the window panels using the instant lead. Starting in the middle of your design to prevent smudging, add paint until your design is complete. Allow time to dry, and enjoy your new faux stained glass doors.

3. Attach some frosting film to your door's windows.

If you are looking for a less-permanent solution to your privacy problem, then frosting film could be the answer. This product is designed to adhere to the surface of your glass, then peel away once it's no longer needed.

Start by purchasing a roll of contact paper and print out a stencil in a design that matches your personal style. Trace the stencil onto the contact paper in a repeating pattern, then cut away the negative space between your tracings. Place the contact paper on your windows, and you will have a chic looking frosted pane.

Maintaining privacy with a french door doesn't have to be difficult. Install a piece of iron scroll work over the window, turn the panes into faux stained glass panels, or use contact paper to create a frosted look.