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When Trees Are Out Of Control: Prevent Foundation Damage And Roof Problems With Adequate Pruning

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Although trees are a beautiful addition to any yard, trees that are out of control can cause significant problems. From broken branches falling on roofs, to roots growing into the foundation of your home, trees that are too close to your dwelling should be pruned or taken down completely. When you own property, it's important to look for signs of disease or rot in the trees that are close to your home. If you find issues, it's time to call a professional tree service to assess the situation more carefully.

Tree Branches are Touching or Close to Your Roof

Tree branches that are too close to your roof will eventually start touching your roof. This can cause serious problems with your roofing tiles, making tiles come loose or causing breaks in the tiles. Before you have problems with leaks in your roof, all branches that are close to your roof should be pruned. Even if the branches aren't touching the roof, they can easily break off in a storm. Broken branches cause similar issues to branches that are touching the roof.

Tree Roots Can Cause Serious Foundation Damage

If you have discovered a leak in your basement recently, this could be because of tree roots that have grown out of control. Tree roots can cause problems with your foundation, and if you have any trees close to your home, they may be the cause of recent leaks. Tree roots grow pervasively, and it's important to understand that for as much of the tree you see that is out of the ground, there is at least that big of a root system underground. This means that if tree branches are close to the house, chances are that there are tree roots close to the house as well. If the tree you are trimming has been trimmed a number of times, the roots are definitely close to the foundation of your home.

When you notice broken branches, signs of tree rot, or leaves that seem like they are diseased, it's time to call in a professional tree service such as Smitty's Tree Service Inc to take a look at the trees on your property. While it is possible to do some light pruning on your own, it's nearly impossible to properly prune a larger tree on your own without the right equipment. If you have concerns about potential foundation or roof damage caused by trees in your yard, call in a tree service right away before your problems become more difficult to handle.