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For Myths About Oil-Based Heating: Busted

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If you're considering moving into a home with oil-based heating, you may be a bit nervous. Many people have heard all sorts of negative myths regarding this style of heating system. However, most of the myths floating around are exaggerated or completely false. Here's a look at the truth about heating oil.

Myth: Oil is explosive; your tank may explode.

The truth: Oil has to vaporize before it will ignite, so your tank of liquid oil will not just explode or ignite. You can actually drop a match in a puddle of oil, and it will just go out. For this reason, oil-based heating is considered quite safe.

Myth: Oil is in short supply and hard to come by.

The truth: Many people fear that the oil supply will run out, or that companies won't be able to get a hold of any, and they'll be left shivering in their homes without heat. While this may have been a substantial concern a few decades ago, the US now has a huge supply of oil, thanks to advanced oil harvesting technologies like fracking and horizontal drilling. Even better, oil is now less costly since more is being drilled on American soil rather than imported from the Middle East.

Myth: Oil-based heating is smelly.

The truth: When your system is operating properly, you should not smell a thing. If you start smelling a smoky, fuel-like smell, then your furnace is malfunctioning and may not be venting properly. You should turn your furnace off and call your HVAC technician. This does not happen often; it may never happen to you once in the life of your furnace.

Myth: It's hard to find technicians who work with oil-based heating systems.

The truth: It is true that some heating companies specialize in a certain style of heating. In areas where natural gas heating is the most common, there are likely some companies that only service natural gas heaters. However, if you dig a little deeper into advertisements and classified ads in your area, you will almost certainly find several companies who service oil furnaces. More than 13 million homes in North America use it as a fuel source, so it's far from obsolete.

If you're having trouble locating a technician who works with oil in your area, call an HVAC company who specializes in other styles of heating and ask them to recommend one. They tend to have connections within their industry and can point you in the right direction.

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