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Troubleshooting Baseboard Heating Problems

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If you have baseboard heating in your home, you will want to take steps in maintaining the baseboards so they dispense enough heat into the rooms where they are located. If you have noticed a reduction in the amount of heat a room is receiving, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the situation. Here are some tips you can use to regain a constant flow of heat in a room via baseboard panels.

Clean The Heaters

Failing to clean baseboard heating panels can cause them to become full of dirt, which can block the heat from getting into the room. Remove the baseboard heater covers and take a look at the coils inside. If they have fur, dirt or dust covering them, the heat will be obstructed from blowing into the room. Turn off the baseboard heaters before using a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle attachment to remove debris from the coils. If any of the fins appear to be bent, use a fin comb to push them back into a flat position so they can distribute heat properly.

Remove Any Blockages

Check that the carpeting underneath the baseboard heaters is not curled or bunched up. If it is not lying flat, it can redirect any heat coming out of the unit back toward the unit itself instead of allowing it to flow into the room. Keep draperies from covering baseboard heaters as well. If there are pieces of furniture in front of baseboard heating panels, they may also be blocking the flow of air. Make sure there is ample room between the heater and the piece of furniture so heating can be dispersed throughout the room evenly.

Evaluate The Controls

If the damper is not set in the right position, the heat will be blocked from entering the room. Make sure the damper is in an "on" position so heat has a chance to come out of the coils instead of being trapped inside the unit itself. Check the thermostat to make sure you have it set at the right temperature as well.

Check Your Electricity

Check all electrical connections if you have electric baseboard heaters. Wires should be free of fraying or cracking and should not be used if they do not appear to be intact. Have a heating specialist check the voltage of the unit if it continues to have low heating output.

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