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Easy Updates To Make Over Your Bathroom

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Would you enjoy a bathroom that's like a spa retreat? Or perhaps you just want to make over bland bathroom décor. Either way, it's not necessary to break open the piggy bank. Instead, choose a decorating style and color palette. From there, add a few updates to make your bathroom feel rejuvenated.

Replace the Vanity Fixtures

You'd be amazed at how fresh your vanity will look with new fixtures. Once you've selected your decorating style, be it modern or beach cozy, brainstorm which fixtures best promote the theme. From there, consider upgrading. For example, opt for the chic water pump faucet to spill water into a vessel sink. Such an update can make your whole vanity look new.

Put in New Lights

Another relatively easy update for your overall ambience is changing out the light fixtures. It can be as simple as replacing the central pendant lighting or choosing new wall mount lights around the mirror. However, Better Homes and Gardens suggests giving LED lighting a chance. LED lighting allows you to customize the amount of light in the bathroom, going dim for relaxing soaks in the tub or brighter to facilitate your morning routine. It's even possible to customize LED lighting, for example by putting it under the vanity.

Change the Showerhead

While replacing the showerhead won't change the look of your bathroom, it will definitely refine your morning routine. Rain showerheads are still very popular because of their luxurious feel. If you really want your bathroom to feel like a resort, consider having a spa panel installed. A spa panel consists of several spray options for a customized cleanse. If you need help installing a new shower head, contact a professional service such as Central Plumbing Specialties

Install a Heated Towel Rack

As you consider a bathroom makeover, don't only think about the looks of your bathroom. Consider also what updates might best facilitate your bathroom routines. If you have to heat your bathroom, consider heating your towels as well. A heated towel rack is a glorious luxury on chilly mornings. These racks mount right onto the wall. They're typically heated with electrical wiring. However, if you're redoing any plumbing, it's also possible to have them heated via hot water.

Add Wallpaper

Painting the walls is an easy update you probably already know about. However, many fashionable bathrooms feature wallpaper as well. Well-chosen wallpaper can promote any theme you've chosen for your bathroom. For example, choose to paper one wall with a pretty beach motif. Alternatively, let the wallpaper take center stage. Choose a bold design, and let this serve as your color palette.