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Fixing A Damaged Vacuum Cleaner's Power Cord

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If one of your kids was a bit too aggressive while they were vacuuming and managed to suck up the electrical cord into the vacuum's roller, then you need to fix any damage to the cord before you can safely use your vacuum cleaner again. 

Use this procedure to fix the damaged cord and save yourself money over having to purchase a new vacuum cleaner:

Inspect the Entire Cord for Damage

Any frayed areas of your vacuum's cord can shock you or start a house fire. For these reasons, you need to inspect the entire cord for damage. You should identify any areas of cracking or fraying in the outer plastic covering around the electrical wire. Make note of each area of damage.

Tape Areas with Only Surface Damage

Areas on the cord with only superficial damage can be taped using electrical tape. You must use electrical tape and not shipping, masking, or duct tape. Unlike these other types of tape, electrical tape is pressure-sensitive and insulates the inner wires to prevent dangerous shocks and sparks.

Splice Together Cut Wires

For any areas along the cord where the wires were cut by the roller of the vacuum cleaner, you can either choose to splice the wires together, or you can cut the cord off and replace the plug on the end. This is often the better choice if the damage is near the end of the cord and will leave a long enough cord to operate the vacuum cleaner without the need for an extension cord.

To splice the wires together use these steps:

  • cut the damaged area out of the cord using sharp scissors

  • strip about an inch of the wire clean of its protective plastic

  • wrap the wires together inside of a wire nut, one for each color of wire

  • wrap the wire nuts with a thick layer of electrical tape

Wrapping the wire nuts with electrical tape will prevent shocks and it will help to keep the wire nuts in place.

Replace the Electrical Plug

If the damage to the cord is too severe or near the end of the cord, then you can easily cut off the cord and replace the plug. You can buy a replacement plug inexpensively at your local hardware store, and it will come with straightforward instructions for how to install the new plug onto the cord.

For Additional Assistance

Finally, if you need additional assistance repairing the power cord for your vacuum that your child damaged, then you can take your vacuum cleaner to a local appliance repair professional (such as Appliance Service Co Inc.) and they can assist you. In fact, if the cord is badly damaged, they can remove it and replace the whole thing with a new cord.