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Not Happy With Your Shower Door? A Few Things You Can Customize

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If you walk into your bathroom and are put off by the Plexiglas shower door in a wobbly frame that came with your shower enclosure, have no fear, you can have the door customized to fit the décor and style of the room. To get a better idea of what you might like, a trip to a local bathroom fixture store is in order; or you may just look online to find what you like. Once you have decided on something, contact a contractor to get him or her started on the customizations. Here are just a few things you can have changed or made to give you what you want.


If your shower doors are now two smaller doors that open across each other, you can have one larger one made. Be sure there will be enough room for this door to swing open since it won't slide. You can also have the doors made to go all the way to the ceiling, or stop at a height you prefer. Glass can be cut to almost any dimension you desire.


The simple silver or gold-looking frames around the door may be something you really do not like. You can choose to have chrome, plastic, or a protected wood frame. Of course, you can also choose to have no frame at all.

Color and Tint

If you are a bit modest, and people seem to always walk into the bathroom while you are showering, you can have the glass tinted very dark. Choose any darkness of tint you prefer in a variety of colors. The color can be to meld into the rest of the bathroom or used for a bit of contrast.

Blocks, Panes or Just One Big Sheet 

You do not have to go with doors that are made of one solid piece of glass – or two pieces if you have two doors. Have the door created with a bunch of panes, either for the whole door, across the top or bottom, or up the sides. It is also possible to have glass blocks instead of just a single sheet. Whatever you can envision can be down, just talk to the glass contractor.

You should be able to relax in a room you find appealing when taking a shower, bath, or just going through your normal bathroom routine. Don't have the shower door be the thing that turns you off when you see it. Have a custom door created that will complement the look and feel of the room. Contact a company, like Southern Glass & Mirror or a similar location, for more help and info.