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The ABCs Of Staying Sane During A Kitchen Remodel Project

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From replacing kitchen cabinets to installing new countertops, a kitchen renovation is one way to add value to your home. However, not every homeowner has the skills or tools to tackle a kitchen remodel project on their own, and even hiring to get the job done comes with its stress factors. If you have made arrangements with a contractor to have your kitchen remodeled, you should know that the more planning you put into the event, the less stressful the whole thing will be. Thankfully,  there is a simple ABC rule set that you should keep in mind that will help you out along the way. 

Arrange a makeshift kitchen elsewhere in the house. 

During the kitchen remodel project, that part of your house will be pretty much off limits for the duration of the event. Even if you can make your way into the kitchen to grab a sandwich or whatever, it may not be the best idea. A few days before your kitchen renovation project is scheduled to begin, set up a makeshift kitchen elsewhere in the house. Of course, your makeshift kitchen may not have everything, but you can easily situate your fridge, microwave, and coffee maker somewhere else, such as the dining room or even a spare bedroom. 

Bring easy-to-prepare meals home for a while. 

Skip the big suppers and breakfast foods that require cooking while the kitchen remodel project is underway. Even though the project may take a few weeks to complete, you will be much more content if you go ahead and create a meal plan that does not involve using your kitchen or a lot of dishes. You can prepare some things in advance before the project starts and pop them in your freezer, such as soups and pasta dishes, and then just reheat your meals as needed. 

Create a detailed plan-of-action and go over it with your hired contractor. 

One of the biggest factors in getting through a kitchen remodel project unscathed is knowing what to expect and how long everything is going to take. During the planning phase of your remodel project, sit down with your hired contractor and create a detailed plan of action. This should be laid out in chronological order as a checklist of tasks that will need to be completed so you will always know where the workers are at in the project and how much more they like until the job is complete. 

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