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Three Ways to Keep Storm Drains Clear

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If you have just bought some land and there's a storm drain on your private property, you're going to have to learn fast how to keep that drain clear. City governments and utility departments don't always handle drains on private property; while some might conduct periodic inspections, the bulk of the care and cleaning is up to you. Letting a storm drain clog up results in flooding on your land, possibly around your house, so follow these three tips to keep those drains as open as possible.

1. Watch Those Leaves and Clippings

Whether windy conditions are blowing leaves off trees or you've just mowed a large patch of lawn and left clippings everywhere, you have to ensure those materials don't end up in the storm drain. Frequently rake your yard when leaves are falling or have been blown down. Even if it doesn't look like there are a lot of leaves, they can quickly become a problem because they add up quickly over time. A few leaves here and there each day can become a drain-clogging mass rather quickly.

As for grass clippings, either sweep those up and dispose of them as green waste or run your mower back over them to chop them up. If you cut them into smaller pieces, more of them will sink in between the remaining grass blades, making it harder for the wind to sweep them toward the drain.

2. Seal and Anchor Garbage Cans

Another debris problem is trash. A blown-over garbage can, or one that's been yanked over on its side by a determined raccoon, can send garbage hurtling everywhere. This includes into the storm drain, where it can be a worse clog factor than leaves. Always ensure that your garbage cans are sealed so that animals can't get in and so that the garbage won't spill out if the can falls over. Try to anchor the cans on non-garbage-pickup days, too, to prevent the can from tipping over.

3. Add a Grate or Screen

If the storm drain on your property is open, add a metal grate or screen in front of the opening. You'll still have to clean leaves and other materials off the screen, but you won't have to worry about anything falling into the drain and creating a clog that's hard for you to remove. Do keep in mind that a screen will stop a lot of material, so you'll have to check the screen frequently to ensure it stays clear.

If you have questions about keeping the storm drain clear, or if you'd like a professional company to come out and ensure the drain is not harboring a hidden mass that could block the drain, contact a drain and sewer company in your area, such as Plumb Care Plumbing. They can help you ensure that all of the drains on your property, from your sink to the storm drain, remain open and clear.