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3 Steps To Keeping Your Log Home Looking Like New With Sealant And Stain

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A log home can be a great looking home that can last for centuries. Your home will need some care and maintenance if you want it to stand the test of time. This can include repairing damaged logs and staining the wood to protect it from weathering. Sealing the logs can help protect your logs for years to come. Here are some simple steps to help you make your home last for generations:    

1. Cleaning And Bleaching Log Surfaces To Prepare Your Home For Sealant

Before you can get started staining your logs, you will want to clean them. This can be done with a pressure washing machine, which will help get all the dirt out of the cracks. In addition, you may want to bleach the wood. Bleaching will not harm the wood and help ensure that all the logs have been well cleaned. It will also ensure that you have an even color stain when the project is finished.

2. Caulking And Chinking The Logs To Prepare Them For Stain And Sealant

Once all the wood is clean on your home, you will be able to better access the damage. Any small repairs may be fixed with a little wood filler, but some of the larger repairs may require the help of a professional log home repair service. You will also want to caulk around any cracks and in between the logs, which is called chinking. This will seal all the gaps in the logs and prepare your home for the stain.

3. Applying A Stain And Sealant To Protect The Logs For Years To Come

There are many different types of stains to choose from for your home to look like new. Some of these are just to give the logs color, while others also include a sealant. To make the job easier, look for a stain that is designed for log homes. These products can also include solutions to help protect against insect damage and weathering. The stain and sealant products are also easy to apply with one simple application.

These are the basic steps to give your log home a new stain to protect the wood for many more years. This is something that you will want to do every few years to ensure your log home looks great for generations to come. If you need help with repairs and staining, contact a log home repair contractor to ensure the job gets done right.