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4 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Getting A Wooden Multi-Level Deck Installed

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Getting a wood deck installed in your backyard can provide your family with a great place to entertain guests, but it can also come with some confusion if you've never had a contractor work on a project of this scale. Whether you hire a professional that specializes in decks or mainly home additions and the various project this includes, it's a good idea to look into what you can do to make sure that a multi-level deck is a safe addition.

Make Sure the Wood Isn't Going to Cause Splinters

The easiest way to make sure that your wood deck looks great and won't cause splinters is simply making sure that the wood used is carefully sanded. If there are any splintered edges to the wood, it's much more likely that it will cause splinters—leading to pain that could have been avoided. When choosing the wood, it's best to ask the contractor for advice on the softest wood and the options that will be safest for preventing splinters.

Add Traction to Each Stair

Tripping down the stairs can lead to serious injury, making it vital that you take care of adding plenty of traction to each step. Gripping can be added to each stair, making it much more supportive underneath your bare feet or shoes. This will help prevent a fall and make your stairs much safer for your family and friends, especially when children or seniors will be using the stairs.

Get Sturdy Handrails Installed at the Proper Height

Another easy way to prevent slips on your stairs is getting study handrails installed. These handrails can help go a long way towards making your deck much safer since the handrails can be gripped as you move up and down the stairs. This will add an extra layer of safety and help prevent slips.

Consider Having a Ramp Installed

Another idea for making the stairs of your multi-level deck safer is getting a ramp installed. When moving a BBQ grill, plants, or other items up and down the stairs, you may not have a clear view of the stairs, potentially causing a fall. By getting a ramp installed as well as the stairs, you can have a disability-friendly alternative to moving up and down the stairs and make the deck safer as a result.

As you prepare for getting a multi-level deck installed, you'll want to keep safety in mind. With the tips above in mind and asking for additional advice from your contractor (like Lehman Construction Services Inc), you can make sure that the deck is as safe as possible.