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Do You Have A Mold Problem In Your Home? Clean Your Air Conditioner's Filters

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Filters that are in good shape usually protect the air conditioning system from dust particles. Their ability to trap dust particles and mold spores also allows them to protect a home from these unwanted materials. These two things usually go a long way towards helping to keep a home safe from mold growth. Here is what you should know about the relationship between dirty filters, air conditioner performance, and mold problems.

Dirty filters and mold spore invasions

The ability of dirty filters to filter out unwanted materials from incoming air is usually compromised. As a result, mold spores are likely to get through the filters. There is also the fact that already-trapped mold spores can be dislodged from the overwhelmed filters. This can also allow the mold particles to get around the defense system that the filters are supposed to provide.

Having dirty filters in your air conditioning system therefore leaves your home vulnerable to mold spore attacks. And when these mold spores find a damp place in your home, a full-blown mold growth problem is unavoidable.

Dirty filters, high humidity and mold growth

Dirty filters cannot protect your air conditioner from dust particles and dirt. When these unwanted guests find their way to the evaporator coil area, they accumulate on the coils. Continued accumulation eventually has an insulating effect that then reduces the rate at which heat moves across the copper walls of the coils.

As a result, the passing air isn't cooled as it should, something that then reduces the level of condensation that takes place in the area. The air leaving the area therefore ends up retaining much of its moisture that it then brings into the home. The resulting dampness encourages mold growth and may therefore be to blame for your mold problem.

Clean filters and reduced mold growth problem

Cleaning your air filters will rejuvenate their ability to trap mold spores and dust particles. It will keep mold spores out of your home while also boosting your air conditioner's ability to regulate humidity. As a result, it will help eliminate the incidences of mold attacks in your home.

To properly clean your filters, you will need a bucket of water, vinegar and a vacuum cleaner. Start by getting rid of any dust using the vacuum cleaner. After you are done, soak the filters in a solution of water and vinegar in order to eliminate any mold spores. Gently remove any remaining dirt using a soft brush and then leave the filters to dry before placing them back into your air conditioning system. This will be enough to protect your home from mold-related problems.

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