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Grab The Snake: 3 Steps To Cure A Stubborn Clog

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You never know when you're going to be faced with a stubborn clog. If you've tried using a plunger, and the clog is still there, it still might not be time to call the plumber. It might be time to bring out the snake – the drain snake. Drain snakes can get down to the clogs that might be located farther down into the pipe. If you've never used a drain snake, don't panic. Here are some simple instructions that will help you clear the clog.

Start the Journey

When you're holding the snake, you'll notice that it's coiled inside a plastic drum. You should also notice that there's a small lever located near the handle. The lever locks the snake in place. To start the journey, you need to twist the lever to unlock the snake. Pull a few inches of the snake out of the plastic drum and place it into the drain. Firmly push the snake through the drain pipe. Continue pushing the snake through the pipe until you feel resistance. The resistance means you've reached the clog. It's time to stop pushing.

Give it a Twist

Now that you've reached the clog, it's time to put the snake to work. Tighten the lever to lock the snake in place. This will prevent the snake from recoiling into the plastic drum. Once the snake is locked in place, grab hold of the handle and start cranking. The cranking causes the snake to rotate in the drain. As the snake rotates, the sharp edge cuts through the debris to clear the clog. Continue cranking the handle until it moves easily. Loosen the lever and then slowly pull the snake out of the drain. Clean the debris off of the end of the snake.

Flush the Drain

Once you've removed the snake, you'll need to flush the drain with warm water. Flushing the drain will wash away the debris, and will allow you to make sure that the clog has been successfully cleared. If the drain is still sluggish, use the snake to repeat the process.

If your plunger was no match for your clogged drain, don't give up. Reach for the snake. Plumber's snakes will tear through the toughest clogs. If your snake is unable to reach the clog, you should contact a plumber, like one from Salinas & Sons Rooter Service, as soon as possible. You may need to have your drains cleaned with an auger or high-pressured nozzle.