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Are Custom Home Builders Right for You?

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Deciding to build a home is a momentous occasion. You'll be investing your nest- gg in a home for your future. However, the decisions you'll have to make have only begun once you've decided to build a home. Your next decision is to decide whether you want to hire custom home builders or production home builders.

Custom home builders will create a one-of-a-kind home on a single lot. You'll be presented with seemingly endless design and customization options. Conversely, production home builders will use pre-designed blueprints to create your home, and there will be fewer customization options.

There are a few situations in which you should consider custom home builders. Maybe you've got your eye on a piece of land, already have floorplans, want to be involved with each step, or want to build in an established neighborhood. Each of these situations calls for a custom home builder over a production home builder.

You won't find pre-defined choices or blueprints to choose from with a custom home builder. Instead, the custom home builder will work with you to create new blueprints. Your new home can be built on any piece of land that you own (or will own). If you prefer, you can supply your own blueprints or hire another company to create them for you.

Different custom home builders will provide different services. In some situations, you'll work with an architecture firm to design the home and work with another team to actually build the home. Other custom home builders will handle the entire job from design to build completion. Either way, you'll be heavily involved with the entire process and have the opportunity to make important decisions that will impact the resulting home.

Some people associate custom home builders with mansions and multi-million dollar homes. While these types of homes are often built by custom home builders, that's not all that they produce. Custom home builders come in many different sizes and cater to different markets. A custom home can range from a single-family home or a ranch-style unit to a house with a multi-story floor plan. It all depends on your budget and desires.

Deciding on the right custom home builder will take plenty of time. You'll want to interview several local home builders that have a strong reputation for excellence. Additionally, you'll want to make sure that the home builder is someone you can see yourself working with every day for the next 9 to 18 months. Once you've selected a custom home builder, you're ready to start crafting your floor plan. 

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