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Fixing Cracks In A Fiberglass Pool

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A fiberglass pool represents the best possible compromise between strength, longevity, and price. Yet fiberglass pools are susceptible to certain problems all their own. Fortunately, the most common such problem--cracks in the side of the pool--is easy enough to fix on your own. If you would like to improve your pool repair skills, read on. This article will discuss how to effectively repair cracks in a fiberglass pool.

Prepare for the Repair

The first step in the repair process is to drain the pool. But don't panic--you don't need to empty it all the way. Just remove enough water to expose the entirety of the crack you intend to fix. Next, use a medium grit sanding block to smooth out the area around the crack. This serves two purposes: eliminating any bumpy or jagged spots, while roughening up the surface and allowing a tighter bond for the repair putty.

Necessary Items

You're going to need a few key tools and supplies in order to carry out the repair. Before you move on to the next step, be sure that you have all of the following on hand:

  • fiberglass putty
  • marine bonding agent
  • circular saw
  • paintbrush
  • putty knife
  • circular saw
  • safety goggles

Widen The Crack

The basic idea is that the putty and the bonding agent will be used in tandem to fill in the crack. Yet in order to ensure a tight, lasting bond, you will first need to widen the crack somewhat. This will make it easier to work the putty into place.

This task is best accomplished using a circular saw--preferably one equipped with a durable diamond-tipped blade. Use this saw to widen the length of the crack. The width of the blade should be sufficient. However, you'll want to go a little bit beyond the two ends of the crack, in order to ensure that you won't end up with a hairline leak down the line.

Fill The Crack

Using your brush, paint a layer of bonding agent onto the crack. Be sure to get the bonding agent applied fully to the inner walls of the crack. Then prepare the fiberglass putty according to the instructions on its package. Certain types of putty may involve mixing together two separate ingredients, like epoxy. Finally, apply the putty to the crack, being sure to really fill it up. The smooth down the surface using your putty knife, and let it dry fully. If you have any questions, visit Contemporary Pools Inc or a similar pool building company.