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Update The Look Of Your Home By Covering Support Beams With Laminate Flooring

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When support beams go through the middle of your home to create the support that your home needs to be as sturdy as it can be, quite an eyesore can be created. Fortunately, there is a simple and inexpensive way to give the beams character so that they serve as a visual asset in the room rather than a distraction from the overall look you are trying to create. You can use peel and stick laminate hardwood flooring to create the visual interest you want in the room. Use the following guide to learn how to create a focal point in the room that is eye-catching and unique.

Measure the Beam You Plan to Cover

The first thing you need to do is you need to measure the beam that you plan to cover. You need to know how many square feet the flooring needs to cover so that you can be sure to purchase enough of it when you start to cover the beam.

Choose the Laminate Flooring You Want to Use

You then need to go to a hardwood flooring store and look for the laminate that will pair well with the look that you are trying to create in your home. For a more formal look, you may want to choose a rich, dark color. For a more country feel, you may want to choose laminate that looks distressed or worn. Be sure to purchase enough boxes of flooring to cover the square footage of the beams.

Stick the Flooring to the Beam

Once the flooring is brought to your home, you need to start sticking it to the beam. You can simply peel the backing off of the wood and then press it onto the beam. Be sure to stagger each piece of laminate as you place it on the beam to create a seamless look. You will have to cut some pieces to make them fit into place properly as the beam starts to become fully covered. Be sure to cover the sides and the bottom of the beam from one side to the other to create a finished look.

Once complete, the beam should have a rustic look to it that makes it more visually appealing. No one will view it as an eyesore when they come to your home. It will add visual interest to the room and can make your space feel cozier and more put together. More more tips on working with lumber  in your house, check out a company like W. T. Fary Bros Lumber Co.