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What To Do If Your Electricity Doesn't Come Back On After A Severe Storm

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If you waited patiently for your power to be restored after a storm passed through only to find that nothing happened when you tried to turn the lights back on, you probably need the assistance of a residential electrician. Although you can likely get an electrician to come out to your home and locate the problem soon, it is important that you don't make any moves that could endanger yourself, your family, or the integrity of your electrical wiring. Here's what you should avoid doing in the meantime as well as some steps you can take to help your electrician figure out why the electricity isn't currently working in your home.

Check Your Outlets

If any of the outlets in your home were overloaded with appliances prior to your electricity going out during the storm, there's the possibility that a fuse has blown. Although extension cords can be used to plug in devices that are situated a distance from your power outlets, there is a safe and responsible way that they should be used.

Extension cords should always be plugged directly into the wall, and you should only use one per outlet. Check to see that none of your appliances have frayed cords or exposed wiring, as this can lead to an electrical fire as well as cause a short in your residential electrical system.

Turn Off The Circuit Breaker

After you have confirmed that power has been restored to your neighbors, you should immediately see if switching the circuit breaker on and off leads your home electrical system to regain power. Once the circuit breaker is back in the on position, you can try turning each individual fuse on and off to see if any lights come on in your home. If nothing happens, it is best to keep your circuit breaker switched off so that a residential electrical service can learn where the trouble lies.

Don't attempt to light the pilot in your hot water heater, use gas appliances, or otherwise restore power on any home appliances that run on propane or natural gas. Power to your home will be restored soon enough with the help of a residential electrician, and any attempt you make to fix things yourself could potentially lead to an electrical fire, shock, or severe burns. If you regularly experience power outages in your home, whether caused by a storm or other means, talk to your electrician about having new wiring installed or upgrading your circuit breaker. For more information, contact local professionals like All American Air & Electric, Inc.