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About To Have Family Stay Over For The Holidays? Hire A Plumber To Avoid Future Problems

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Inviting family to stay at your house may have you excited, but it also comes with extra responsibility. Since they are your guests, you want to provide them with a clean and well-maintained place to stay. It is easy to do a thorough cleaning of your home, but when your family is staying for several weeks, there are other things that can go wrong that you should be able to avoid with preventive maintenance. Since the kitchen and bathroom will be used throughout their stay, you should hire a plumber beforehand.

Check for Leaks and Risks

The first thing that you will want a plumber to do is look for leaks. While you can view the visible pipes on your own and figure out if there is a leak, you may not be able to tell with hidden pipes. But, a plumber will know what to do to inspect the areas where pipes cannot be hidden, but a leak can be heard. It is also helpful for a professional to look at potential risks for leaking or breakage due to pipes being worn down. Minimizing risk by replacing pipes or other parts before a problem occurs while family visits is ideal.

Clean the Drains

Another service worth getting is cleaning the drains. A clogged drain causes slow draining, but it can lead to other problems if the clog is not taken care of in a timely manner. Cleaning the drains should help you get rid of any clogs and make sure the drains are ready to be used at a higher frequency for a while. If you know that your guests will be using a certain bathroom and you would like to keep your spending to a minimum, you can just focus on services for the bathroom they will use as well as the kitchen.

Get a New Shower Head

With a guest staying over for several weeks, they will need to take showers. This is the perfect time to switch to a new shower head that has a handheld attachment as this provides a lot of flexibility. It is an ideal time to replace an old one, especially if yours has calcium buildup that is straining the water flow. If you are having a tall guest, you can get help from a plumber to pick a shower head that sits high up.

Getting help with plumbing will maximize your chances of a pleasant experience for your guests.