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Prepare Your Automatic Gate For Winter: Three Things That Should Be Checked Before Snow And Ice Hit

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An automatic gate can make it easy to enter or exit a gated area. However, automatic gates need to be routinely maintained to ensure they properly open and close. If you have an automatic gate on your home or at a business or warehouse you own, you will want to ensure that the gate is properly maintained in the fall. This helps prepare the gate for the winter months, which can be a rough time if your automatic gate is not ready. Here are three things that need to be done as part of your automatic gate maintenance before the cold arrives. 

Inspecting the Hinges, Rollers and Tracks

Before winter hits, you will want to take the time to ensure that the hinges, rollers and tracks on your gate are all in good, working condition. If your gate swings open, it has hinges. If the hinges are rusty, water from winter rain and snow can increase the rust and prevent it from opening. If your gate slides open, it has rollers and tracks. If the rollers and tracks are dented, bent or otherwise in poor condition, they may struggle to work when ice and snow are present. 

Cleaning the Sensors

Gates utilize sensors to prevent a gate from sliding or shutting on a child, a pet, or your car. These sensors are typically the same type of sensor that are used with garage door systems to prevent a garage door from shutting when something is in its path. Overtime, dirt and dust accumulate on these sensors. That can impact the sensors sensitivity. This can cause the gate to not open or shut when it should. The last thing you want to do is to get out of your warm car in the dead of winter to play with or clean sensors. Cleaning them in the fall helps ensure they are clean so this doesn't happen. 

Lubricating the Gate

The last way that your gate needs to be maintained to prepare it for winter is to oil or lubricate the gate. The heat and the sun pounding on your gate during the summers months may have caused all of the oil and lubricant to dry up or evaporate. As such, when the summer months come to an end, you want to ensure the gate is properly lubricated so it can slide or swing open with ease. 

Your automatic gate should be maintained in the fall and in the spring. This helps prepare the gate for winter and repair any damage done during these cold and icy months. If you do not have time to maintain your gate, or you simply do not want to, contact an automatic gate maintenance company's website like http://gibsonconstruction.com today to schedule an appointment for your fall gate maintenance needs.