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Gunk In Your Open Gutters? Clean Them Out With These Easy Tips

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Your gutters are essential components of your home's roofing system. But if your gutters fill up with gunk and other debris, they can create a host of problems for you. Your overfilled gutters can allow water to drain down the sides of your home and into your basement and walls, or the gutters can attract rodents, mosquitoes, and other harmful pests. Eventually, your gutters can deteriorate, loosen up, and pull away from the roof. Here are some easy tips to get and keep your gutters clean.  

Wash Out Your Gutters

One of the problems with open gutters is that they can easily fill up with debris, such as leaves and bird feathers. Wind and rain can blow dirt into the gutters as well. If you wash out your gutters with a water hose, you may be able to remove some of the debris from them.

First, inspect your gutters to see if you can reach them without climbing a high ladder or onto your roof. If you can't reach your gutters without risking your safety, stop and contact a gutter service provider for assistance. However, if you can reach your gutters safely, go ahead and clean them.

If you place your water hose near an end cap, you can use the water to push the debris toward the entrance of a downspout. If the downspout clogs up from the cleaning, insert the tip of your water hose into it and turn the water to high. Allow the water to push the clog through the drainage pipe and out to the ground below. Repeat the cleaning until your gutters are clean.

Once you clean out your gutters, you want to keep them clean.

Place a Screen Over Your Gutter

By placing a cover over your gutters, you prevent the problems mentioned above. There are several types of screen you can use for your gutters, including screens and guards. Guards may be good choices for you because they fit securely over the openings of your gutters. Guards may come with tiny holes on their surfaces, or they may use long grates to block debris. All guards allow water to drain into them when it rains.

Screens come in stainless steel mesh, plastic, and several other materials. Screens also allow water to pass through them when it rains, but the devices can collect leaves on their surfaces over time. You may need to wash off the debris with a garden hose to keep them clear.

If you can't find the right cover for your gutters, contact a gutter installation contractor for help.