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Through Thick And Thin: Various Levels Of Wood Flooring To Consider

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Wood flooring has come a long way from bare planking cut from trees. There are so many wood flooring options now that it may be difficult to choose what you want for your own flooring project. Through thick and thin, here are all of your wood (and sort of wood) options.


Laminate wood flooring is a series of thinly-sliced layers of plywood or fiber board (both of which are manufactured wood products) laminated together to form a very thin plank or board. The top layer is another laminate layer made to look like finished wood. It involves wood in its creation, but is not technically true wood.

Several pieces of laminate are then installed together, either through snap-together means, or by gluing and nailing these planks or boards to the sub-floor. The result is a very good looking wood floor that is very easy to care for. It is your cheapest quasi-wood option.

Thin Planks

Thin planks of wood that are solid wood are used as flooring as well. These planks are often made from softer woods, such as pine or cedar. Homeowners like these for the slight woodsy fragrance they provide when warmed, and for the knotty, striped appearance. They can be wide or narrow, or a combination, but they are rarely more than an inch thick.

Thick Hardwood Planks

Thick hardwood planks are often what homeowners want because they are tough, durable, and do not damage as easily as the thin softwood planks. You do have to apply new coats of sealant every few years, and learn how to care for hardwood floors (which is very different from laminate or vinyl that looks like wood). This is also your second most expensive option for wood flooring. Still, by choosing hardwood floors, you are adding both beauty and resale value to your home. 

Reclaimed Heartwood Flooring

This is far and away your most expensive flooring option. Heartwood is wood taken from the hearts, or central-most cores, of very large and very old trees. It is the wood that American settlers went after to build homes and barns. Wood that has been reclaimed from these old barns and houses is cleaned up, sanded smooth, and restored for flooring use. The very unique patterns in the wood, as well as the rich, aged colors, make it extremely popular for old home restoration projects, and for homeowners that really want to give their home resale value a huge boost. 

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