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Why You Should Glaze Your Sports Court

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Do you want to add a little style to your concrete sports court? Would it also be nice to make it a little easier to take care of? You can usually do this quite easily by applying a glazed finish to an existing slab of concrete. Whether it is a small tennis court at your house or a large outdoor basketball court, a special glaze can be extremely helpful in many ways. This article explains how concrete places work, and the benefits of adding a glaze to your court surface.

What Are Court Glazes?

A concrete sports court glaze is basically a resin-based liquid that is poured on top of any concrete surface. Basically, as long as your court is relatively clean, the glaze can go on easily and consistently. Since the glaze is a liquid solution, it is more or less just poured onto the court and leveled out. The end result is a smooth and seamless surface. The glaze is specifically designed for sports, whether it is tennis, football, basketball, or general use. That is, the glaze is different from what is commonly used on interior concrete surfaces. It has more grip and it is mark-resistance.

How Glazes Are Applied

Glazes are applied by a professional team that specializes in sports courts. That is, they know exactly how to create a finish that will not only make your court more durable, but it will enable optimal performance on it. Court glazes make any concrete court more gripping for most rubber sole tennis shoes.

This application is a simple process is very affordable when it comes to labor, but the actual cost of the glaze is also cheap compared to epoxy court finishes. Additionally, there are many glazed products that have tints to them. This can add a color tone to your concrete, giving it a little bit more style. The finishes are just tints, so you can still see the concrete pores underneath. Most people choose clear tints because they are cheaper, and they simply want a generic concrete color that will look good with the painted lines.

Regardless of the color you choose, a concrete glaze can protect the surface of any sports court. Glazes will pretty much fill your concrete pours, and protect the surface, making it easier to clean. A new glaze will also make it much easier to clean your court in the long run.

For more information, contact your local court repair service.