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Reasons Your Cracked Windshield Can Cause Serious Injuries During An Accident

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If you have a cracked windshield, you may believe that the minor damage couldn't possibly hurt anything or anyone. However, there are a couple of reasons why that crack in your windshield could cause serious injuries if you were ever in an accident.

Any Impact Could Shatter the Glass

When your windshield is intact, the thick glass is usually strong enough to withstand the vibrations from small impacts. Even if another vehicle hits your car, the tempered glass is designed to crack with a decreased chance of shattering.

However, if there is a crack in your windshield, the strength and integrity of the glass are already compromised. Any impact with your vehicle, even if it occurs at the rear of your car, could cause enough vibrations and force to shatter the glass completely.

If this happens, even a minor fender bender could result in cuts if the glass were to shatter towards you and your passengers. Not only could minor cuts occur, but if the glass strikes the eyes or even lodges itself in a blood vessel, these injuries could result in blindness and profuse bleeding.

Airbags May Not Work Correctly

Another serious safety issue caused by your cracked windshield is that it can make your airbags not work correctly. The windshield is an integral part of the airbag system.

When the bags deploy, the air pushes them towards you and front seat passenger. As you are thrown forward during a front-end collision, the bag then hits the windshield to push you back into your seats, preventing you from flying out of the front.

However, if the windshield is cracked, the pressure and force from the airbags striking the windshield could cause the glass to shatter. If the glass shatters, it could then puncture the bags and deflate them, removing any cushion you may have had from the bags.

Also, if the windshield shatters, the airbags will have nothing to push against. Instead of pushing back into your seats, they could fly out of the window. And, if they fly out of the windshield, there is a chance that you could follow them.

The longer you go without having your windshield fixed, the larger the damage can become and the greater the chance you or your passengers could be seriously injured if you were involved in a car accident. To keep this from happening, contact a windshield repair service as soon as possible.