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2 Interior Signs That Your Home's Raised Foundation Needs Repairs

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If you have an older home with a raised foundation, you may wonder whether or not it is still in good condition. However, you may not relish the thought of crawling underneath your house to check for damage. If so, look for the following signs inside your home that its raised foundation may be in need of repairs.

1.  Gaps Form Between the Floors and Baseboards

One of your foundation's primary functions is to support the lower level floor of your house, helping to keep it sturdy and level. However, if the concrete has started to crumble and crack, the foundation itself may become lower in some areas. As a result, parts of your house's floors will start to shift, creating spots that are lower than the others.

You can often detect this problem by looking at the bottom of the baseboards, especially those located on your home's exterior walls. If the floor has started to shift, you may see that gaps have formed between the floors and baseboards. As the foundation continues to deteriorate, these gaps will only become bigger with time unless you have the foundation repaired.

2.  Cracks Appear in the Plaster above Doors and Windows

After looking for gaps along the floors and baseboards, the next place to look for interior signs that your foundation needs repairs is towards the top of the rooms. Along with keeping the floors level, the foundation also keeps the walls straight and square.

As the damage in the foundation increases, the walls will start to shift along with the floors. However, if this shifting of the walls and floors occurs at the same time, it may be difficult to simply look at them to see the difference.

However, even though you may not be able to see the leaning of the walls, you can tell whether they have shifted by looking at the areas above the doors and windows. When the walls are no longer level, the plaster above these areas will start to crack as the sections of walls pull away from each other. Over time, these cracks will become larger if nothing is done to fix the foundation.

If you notice any of the above signs inside your house, it is possible that your raised foundation may have cracks in the stem wall or might suffer from crumbling concrete. Contact a raised foundation repair contractor to schedule an appointment for them to inspect your home and discuss your options for fixing any issues they may find.