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Bought An Older Building For Your Business? 2 Tips To Get The Parking Lot Ready

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If you purchased an older building for your business, the area around the building and the building itself may need to have some work done. It is important that you get this work done before you open, as you want your clients to have a good first impression of you. One thing you can start with is the parking lot. Below is more information about this so you can get ready for opening day.

1. Repair Pot Holes and Cracks

If the parking lot is old and run down, you need to hire a paving contractor to repair it for you. If you do not and someone has an accident due to this damage, you could be sued. For example, if there are large potholes, someone could easily trip and fall or have an accident while driving and damaging their car.

If there are potholes, a paving contractor can fill these in with new pavement and smooth the pavement over. If there are cracks in the pavement, these cracks will get worse and can even grow into potholes. Fortunately, small cracks can be repaired quickly with a crack filler. Larger cracks may require new pavement, which will take a lot more time. Once the parking lot is repaired, you should ask the pavement company to put a sealant on it. This sealant will help prevent further damage, such as new cracks, from happening again.

2. Paint Parking Lot Lines

Along with this, hire a company to repaint parking space lines or to paint new ones if there are not currently any. Having visible lines will allow cars to more easily park in the parking lot, which will help prevent accidents. Consider how many accessible parking spaces you need. Check with your local codes as there may be requirements that you have to follow when choosing how many accessible parking spaces you should have.

The company you hire may use a special tape and chalk to draw out the lines before they paint. This will help ensure they get the lines straight. A professional company may choose to use a parking lot striper to get the lines painted perfectly.  Along with the parking spaces, the painting company will also paint exit arrows alerting customers where to enter and exit the parking lot.

Talk with the pavement contractor and the contractor painting the parking lot lines if you have any questions about this. The pavement contractor can also give you tips on how to keep your parking lot in great condition. For more information, contact a company like Branche Industries today.