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How To Protect Your Septic Tank When Throwing An Outdoor Party

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If you have decided that you are going to host a big outdoor event and you have a septic tank for your home, you will need to be extra cautious. Whether it is for a wedding reception, a graduation party, or your anniversary party, you may have a lot of people parking in your yard and enjoying time all around your property. To help make sure that your septic tank will not suffer because of this party, you will want to consider using the following tips.

Rope Off The Area Where Your Septic Tank Is

You probably already know the location of your underground septic tank. If you don't, now would be the time to find out by calling a septic tank pumping company, such as AAA Pumping Service. They can come out and locate the tank for you, as well as check it to see how much time you have before it needs to be pumped. Once you have located the area where the tank is, you will want to rope off that area. This will prevent people from parking their cars over the tank, which is important because the weight of the vehicles can cause the septic tank to crack.

Have Some Porta Potties Delivered And Set Up

Whether you are hosting a small get together or you are expecting close to a hundred guests, you will need to protect your septic tank system from becoming overloaded. Not only do you want to avoid having the toilet flushed constantly, sending massive amounts of wastewater into your tank, but you want to avoid clogs. You can put signs up in your bathroom, but there is a chance some people might miss them and end up flushing things like wipes and feminine hygiene products. Instead of dealing with an overloaded tank or clogs in the waste line, you can have all of your guests use the porta potties. You can order some basic ones, like what you might see sitting at construction sites, or you can rent the fancier ones that have not only a toilet in them to use, but a sink to wash their hands as well.

By making use of the previously mentioned tips, you are going to find that your septic tank will be safer during your upcoming outdoor event. The sooner you start putting these plans to use, the sooner you will be ready to entertain all of your friends and family.