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Installing a Wooden Fence? Use Footing to Keep the Fence Secured

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If you are installing a wooden fence eventually it is going to fall down. This will not only cost you time but can also cost you money as you may have to replace part of the fence. To prevent this from happening, you should install footing to keep the fence secured. Below is information about the process of installing fence footing. If you have a large fence or a lot of fence you are installing you should consider hiring a professional to do this work for you.

Dig a Trench

The first thing a contractor will do is dig a trench where you are installing the fence. They may use a shovel to do this or may use special equipment if the trench is going to be very large. The contractor will determine how deep to dig the trench to ensure your wooden posts are completely secure. 

How deep the trench is dug depends on the type of soil you have. A firmer soil will require less depth than less firm soil. The size of the fence posts will also determine the size of the trench. When the contractor finishes digging the trench, they will tamp the soil on the bottom and the sides to prevent the soil from crumbling. The contractor has a special tool that they use in order to do this. 

Laying Concrete

Once the trench is dug and the contractor is pleased with it, they will fill the trench with the right amount of concrete. The contractor will not mix the concrete until they lay the concrete into the trench. Once the concrete is in, they will mix the right amount of water and stir as they set the fence posts. Once they place the fence posts in the right area, they will pour more concrete around the post. The concrete contractor will use another person to help with this, as the fence posts must be perfectly straight. The contractor will mix concrete as they go along the trench and install the fence posts. 

The concrete will rest a few inches from the surface of the soil. When the concrete is dry, soil is placed over the concrete.

The contractor will go over the above installation process with you in much more detail. Even if you do not do this job on your own, it can still be helpful to understand what the contractor is doing. That way you can have a good grasp of fence footing trenching.