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Situations When A Land Survey Can Be Helpful

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Ever see people on the side of the road with some equipment on tripods that they are looking through? Chances are they are doing a land survey, which involves taking measurements to verify where property lines begin and end. While most people typically need a land survey done when buying real estate, there can be some other unique situations where it helps to have an official map of what property you own. 

Cutting Down Trees On The Property Line

It can be confusing when it comes to what you do about trees that are located on your property line. Do they technically belong to your neighbor, or do they belong to you? This is one situation where you definitely want to have a land survey before you do any cutting. A tree is not exactly something you can put back if you make a mistake, and you want to ensure that you are not cutting a tree that is technically on your neighbor's property. As long as it is on your property, you can cut down the tree if you want to without worrying about a neighbor suing you for damages. 

Separating Property Into Smaller Parcells 

If you own a very large piece of land, there may come a time where you look to sell off part of your property for other purposes. Maybe you want to sell it to a builder to place another home on the property, or simply sell it to another person to use as hunting land. Diving the property can be difficult, especially when it involves measurements that have not been taken before. A land survey can help show you where the new property lines would be and define them properly for a sale.

Verify Land Locked Property

It is possible that you own landlocked property and are not sure if there is any sort of way in or out of it without crossing into another person's property. If so, this will require an easement, which gives you the legal right to pass through another person's property to reach your own. You may need to verify that you need an easement because of a dispute with neighbors that own adjoining property. The opposite is also helpful, where you have a neighbor that is cutting through your property and you want to stop them by proving they have another way to get to a nearby road.

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