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Using Asphalt For Your Paving Projects

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Asphalt is an effective material to use for paving your driveway, parking lots, and other outdoor areas that will need to support vehicles. Despite the fact that asphalt is one of the most affordable and effective options for paving large areas, it is often overlooked due to a lack of understanding about this particular option.

Does The Ground Have To Be Perfectly Level For Asphalt To Be Poured?

Ideally, you will want to pave an area that is already mostly flat. This will limit the amount of excavation work that is needed to make the ground level enough for an even pour of asphalt. While it is technically possible to pave relatively steep inclines with asphalt, this is a far more difficult task than property owners may first assume to be the case. In fact, paving a surface that is at a steep incline can be many times more expensive than paving a flat surface.

Will Asphalt Be As Durable As Concrete Pavement?

The choice between asphalt or concrete for the paving project is one of the first decisions that will have to be made. While property owners can be guilty of automatically assuming the concrete will be the more durable solution, asphalt can be better suited for a variety of climates and types of wear. For example, asphalt is far less likely to crack in response to dramatic temperature changes. Asphalt can also be less likely to be damaged by deicing chemicals, which can give it an advantage for those that are paving land in areas with harsh winter conditions.

Does The Time Of The Year Impact When You Should Have The Asphalt Paving Work Done?

Once you have decided to use asphalt for your paving project, you may find that scheduling this work for the fall or spring can be among the best times of the year for this to be done. Asphalt will need to cool to harden, and paving during the hottest months of the year can slow this process. Additionally, the winter months have their own challenges for paving as intense snow and ice storms can delay the ability of the paving contractors to prepare the ground and pour the asphalt. By having a preference for doing this paving work during the months with mild weather conditions, you can avoid these delays so that your paving work is completed as quickly as possible while minimizing the chance for costly complications to impact the project. To learn more information, reach out to a company such as ASAP Asphalt Sealing & Paving Co.